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linerlock folder, damascus and mammoth ivory

Thank you for your interest in my Handmade Knives.
Every knife I make is made from the finest materials available to me.
I hand craft each knife individually, giving every one
the care and attention it needs to come out right.
When you pair this kind of approach to knife making
with my preferred choices of materials. Damascus steel,
with its seemingly end less variety of patterns,
combined with natural handle materials, such as
pearl or mammoth ivory.The result is a knife
that is truly like no other. If you look closely at my designs
you will notice a minimal amount of straight lines.
I try my best to incorporate into my designs gentle curves
and changes in lines that convey a sense of motion and life.
Beauty, warmth and a quality that will last a lifetime.


All my knives are handmade solely by myself with the exception
of the damascus I use. I freehand grind all my blades from raw
barstock using the stock removal method.
I make both fixed blades and linerlock folders.


I am a voting member of The Knifemakers Guild.

Knifemakers Guild
member of the
Florida Knifemakers Association

Florida Knifemakers Association

And Knife Rights

~~~~~~~~~~~ My Guarantee ~~~~~~~~~~~

I guarantee all my knives against defects in materials and workmanship for life.
I cannot guarantee natural handle materials which can shrink or crack
due to circumstances beyond my control. I will replace natural handle
materials for a reasonable fee. Obvious abuse is also not covered.
Please use common sense as to how you use your knife.
I also offer free tune ups on all folders.

This site last updated August 2012

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a custom knife maker.
I make the finest in handcrafted knives, and handmade knives.
Check out my fine collectible knives including folding knives,
pocket knives
, hunting knives, and more!


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