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The Grinders.
The heart of the shop. The KMG 1. Built by Rob Frink. It's a real work horse. It's driven by a Baldor 2HP variable speed motor and a Leeson controller. Shown here with the 8" wheel I also have a 10" and a 12".

The metal grate seen below the belt is the lower dust intake,

I have wired in a series of switches that allow me to send the output from the 2nd controller to the desired disc sander. Both discs are reversable.



This is a single purpose disc set-up, used only for dove-tailing bolsters and scales


Additional Tooling arms for the KMG

Both dust collector blow into filter boxes, this is the upper box, the box for the lower intake is mounted under the bench.
The grinding area is isolated from the rest of the shop with a slit door.

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